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As many of you who have already attended a Creamfields festival will know, Creamfields has a zero tolerance to drugs, and stringent security measures are in place. These procedures are developed and improved year on year and we ask festival goers to remember that the security and Police we have on site are ultimately there to keep you safe – so we urge anyone attending to not bring drugs into the show and to not use drugs whilst at the show.

However, despite the stringent searches and security procedures in place, we acknowledge that drugs will still make their way into the festival and some of you will decide to use them. It is extremely important to understand what you are choosing to take and the effects that these drugs will have on your body so that you can make your own informed decision and try to reduce the harm caused by the drugs you may decide to take.



The First Aid and Welfare tents is located next to the entrance to the campsite village and the main arena near to the fairground/Sub_aural arena.   They are open 24hrs from Thursday until Sunday midday and can be accessed via gate X10.

Experienced and caring staff are on hand to provide confidential advice about drugs, alcohol, substances formally known as ‘legal highs’, mental health, sexual health and general assistance, counselling, and advice for anything that is troubling you.

If you require medical attention from the campsites, there are medical/welfare points located in the campsite village. If in doubt, you can always go to the campsite zone hubs, and they will be able to assist and escort should further medical assistance be required.

Sexual Health

Sexual health charity Brook will have specialists available on site every day during the morning and afternoon. They’ll be providing free condoms as well as advice and guidance on contraception, STIs and safer sex.

If you require emergency contraception, this is available from the Welfare Tent.


With thousands of people camping at Creamfields we need everyone to take an active role in keeping Creamfields safe and friendly and we need your help to do this. We’re asking people to look out for each other, it’s that simple. If you see someone looking worse for wear or on their own and they look like they need some help then do the right thing, go over, check they’re okay and please alert a member of staff or security if you’re concerned, it really could make a difference.



Samaritans will be based in the Campsite Village and will be open 24hrs from Thursday until Sunday midday. They will be there to provide a non-judgemental, face to face listening service throughout the event.



If you’re camping be sure to check out the Campsite village if you fancy a chill out, it’s the place to go if you want to escape the music and relax. With an array of hammocks for you to kick back on and shelter if the weather turns



Our campsite hubs have been created as a meeting point for campers, a place you can go for help, assistance, a rest or even just to find out if there’s been a change to the set times – the Hubs which include first aid points are located in the campsites and staffed 24 hours by our friendly staff who are there to help. They might even make you a brew!

Advice from essex police

To help you stay as safe as possible we are issuing the following advice ahead of the festival:

  • Do not attempt to bring drugs to the festival. Creamfields South has a zero tolerance to drugs and we have policing plans in place to detect drug activity. If you are caught with drugs, you should expect to be arrested and evicted from the festival.
  • Enjoy a few drinks but know your limits and don’t make yourself vulnerable by going over the top. Alcohol impairs your judgment and can make you a more vulnerable target.
  • If you arrive by car, make sure you remove all valuables and try not to leave anything on view. The temperatures may be hot but please shut windows and lock your vehicle. Leaving your glove compartment empty will deter opportunists.
  • While the festival creates a fun environment, please don’t trust strangers with any of your valuables, and don’t leave valuable items unattended inside your tents if you’re staying.
  • Keep your cash, cards and car keys safe at all times and avoid using back pockets – they are more easily targeted by pick pockets.
  • Try not to bring unnecessary valuable items with you and if you do, take them out of your bag when you need them and put them back in when you’ve finished using them.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you and stick together.
  • Keep your phone battery charged in case you need to contact your friends and at night, stick together, avoid wandering off and stick to well-lit busy walkways.


  • Please note ALL bars & concessions at Creamfields are cashless. Payment is welcomed via contactless card or phone or card chip and pin.
  • Display a contact number you can be reached on (not your own) and save this as your phone wallpaper, if its found it will make it easier for someone to get your phone back to you
  • Keep tickets, money, credit cards and mobile phones in a zipped pocket or use a money belt.
  • Only bring what you need, excess things that you don’t need are just more things you could lose.
  • Avoid bringing or withdrawing large amounts of cash and always keep it safe. There are cash machines on the site should you need them.
  • Name and Postcode the property that you do bring to the event, so it is identifiable.
  • If you arrive by car, ensure that you leave the doors and windows secure and remove any valuable items from view
  • Use the lockers available on site for personal items you wish to store safely
  • Only bring the essential bank cards. Make a note of the numbers and store at home to make cancellation easier if they do disappear.
  • Track your items, most phones have GPS tracking and can be located via an app such as “Find My iPhone”.


Counter Terrorism Policing is working with music venues and UK festivals, to help people enjoy their post-lockdown live events safely this summer.  Creamfields continues its support of the #BeSafeBeSound campaign which was created in 2019 to continue our aim of sharing simple safety and security advice for music-lovers.

A huge amount of effort goes into training and security measures by festival and outdoor event organisers, and through #BeSafeBeSound we’re keen to highlight the role the public can play in the wider security operation of an event.  The best advice is always the most simple, we want people to trust their instincts and report anything that doesn’t feel right. It’s also important to respect security measures that might be in place, and do a little bit of research about personal safety.

For more information on staying safe at gigs and festival click here



Your health and safety are the most important thing to us. We want you to enjoy every aspect of Creamfields, listen to your favourite music, see your favourite acts and to do it safely.

We want you to continue doing what you love without damaging your hearing. Hearing damage comes from a combination of loudness and exposure time. The longer you are exposed to sound, the more likely it is to damage your ears, so take breaks and give your ears a rest.

For tips on how to protect your ears and to find out more about safe listening, please click here for some advice.